DOB: 5-2008
G: mare
HT: 14’3 hands
WT: 950 (lbs.)
PR:  4  Personality (1=very calm/laid back, 10=sensitive/reactive)
ST: ( saddle training) Has had round pen work with the saddle and rider.
TL:  (Training level) (1=green, 5=very experienced) 1
RE:  (Rider experience needed) Experience needed
Sound and no health concerns

  Flashy Carmella was born to a slaughter bound mom who was saved as part of a group of 45 horses and 2 donkeys in the summer of 2007. Born in the spring of 2008, she has had some training under saddle and has a good foundation of groundwork. Carmella’s sire was a 15.1 hand b/w paint and her mom is a 14.3. hand sorrel QH. Since her mom was rescued early in the pregnancy, Carmella has not known the desperation or fear faced by so many others calling the rescue their home. Her beauty, confirmation and cooperative nature will make her a wonderful addition to any family who will offer her love and a stable home with lot’s of attention. A very special girl and a favorite among volunteers, Carmella is now 14.3 hands and ready for her forever home where she can further her training in preparation to become someone’s cherished horse. As a younger horse with training needs, Carmella will need a home who is experienced.