Horse Happenings


For about a month now—maybe even two?—Careen, Janet, Trish, Ginny, mother-daughter duo Susan and Kendra and I have been working with rescues Aspen, Classy and Jazzy. Duane’s arena is to-die for, and the Carkill’s hospitality is unmatched. We are so lucky.We’ve started out the horses with the Parelli Level 1 Games 1-7 with much success, although each of us has experience with other methods of groundwork,  so everything comes into play. Ultimately, these guys are getting a broad education, which is proving to be successful.

Below are some images from this past Sunday. Duane set up a shower curtain-like tarp, and a variety of other obstacle course elements for us to play with. Classy has been learning the Parelli driving game which translates into basic walk/trot lungeing. Sometimes I use the Parelli carrot stick, sometimes my hand is easier. She did great. We also made it through the hanging tarp. First try lasted about 10 minutes. Second try, five. By the fifth time it took 2 seconds. Awesome!

Careen and Duane later saddled up Classy, and along with Trish and her beloved Jazzy, the three navigated the obstacle course equipment under saddle, and worked on cantering without wanting to buck (Jazzy). Overall, I’d say progress and great strides have been made.

Heather and Classy

Me and Classy

Duane and Classy

Duane and Classy

Trish on Jazzy, Jeff on Classy

Trish and Jazzy with Jeff and Classy


Careen and Classy