Equine Angel Horse Sponsorships for Sanctuary Horses Needed! Equine Angels may sponsor life-long residents at Shooting Star by committing to a monthly sponsorship of  $ 10, $25, $50, $75 or toward the approximately $150 monthly expenses of each of the current sanctuary residents.

Sponsors will be provided the history of the horse as well as receive pictures and updates so you’ll know how “your” horse is doing. Sponsors are encouraged to visit the rescue when possible to develop a relationship with their angel horse and should feel comfortable providing personal items such as treats, a blanket or other horse related items as desired. Angel sponsors are also needed to help with care such as farrier, vaccinations, teeth floating, or special supplements.

Horses currently in the sanctuary program due to blindness or chronic health conditions are Angel, Harold, Buddy, Black Beauty, Champ and Ginger.

Please address checks and money orders to:
Shooting Star Equine Rescue, Inc.

paypal careenc@msn.com

Shooting Star Equine Rescue, Inc.
c/o Careen Cain, Founder/President
10527 SW Indian Hills
Wakarusa, KS  66546

For information, contact Careen Cain at careenc@msn.com.