Our Wishlist

We are so appreciative for the support, donations, and sponsorship from many long time and new friends of Shooting Star. The continued success and operation of the rescue is dependent upon those who believe in and support our mission and the work we do to help horses in need.   There are no paid staff or paid  board members and volunteers not only donate their time assisting with feeding, cleaning, training, and special projects or events, but also help to create our beaded horseshoes, jewelry and other fundraising items.  Through your kind donation of “items” needed, our operating expenses can be minimized and monetary donations can go directly toward direct horse expenses such as medical or feed.

Donations of items needed for the horses:

  • Large bales of hay and small squares ( brome or prairie)
  • Thrive horse feed from Premier Farm and Home inTopeka and Salt and Mineral blocks
  • Feed buckets and small rubber feed bowls
  • Vaccinations and miscellaneous medical supplies
  • Horse panels for temporary fencing
  • Grooming supplies
  • De-wormers: Ivermectrin, Equimectrin, Panacur
  • Fly masks
  • Warm blankets and fly sheets
  • Fly spray
  • Shipleys MTG
  • Vetrimiacin
  • Joint supplement for arthritis
  • Please ask about type and brand needed.

  • Large white safety t-post toppers (not the smaller, rubber kind as one horse thinks removing them is a game)
  • lime screening/gravel
  • brush hog for mowing ( 5-6 “)

Dreaming of:

  • a tractor for moving hay and pasture management ( Yippee–we now have purchased a good used tractor on contract and could really use donations to help pay the $ 3,000 balance off )
  • Unfortunately, we’ve discovered this tractor is not suitable for moving our really large bales of hay that are over 900 lbs. We need to upgrade this tractor to a larger tractor that is equipped to move larger bales in difficult weather conditions as it is critical during winter snow storms that numerous hay bales are made available to the horses.

  • a round pen for training / DONE! Thank you Becky and Joe!
  • A second round pen is desired for an arena to be used for training.

  • a 12 x 24 run in shed for a quarantine area and a hay shed would so fantastic so more room in the main barn could be utilized for stalls.
  • Thank you GFAS for the grant toward materials for a small hay barn and a small quarantine area. We are now searching for volunteers who are capable of helping us construct these buildings this spring.

Please send donations to:

Shooting Star Equine Rescue, Inc.
c/o Careen Cain, Founder/President
10527 SW Indian Hills
Wakarusa, KS  66546

paypal available at careenc@msn.com

If your donation is TOO LARGE to mail, contact Careen Cain at careenc@msn.com.